The Company

McGregor Mortgage, LLC is committed to providing customer-minded mortgaging and was founded on the principles of bringing more mortgage options and products; always being available; establishing transparency with customers, realtors, and other business partners; delivering in an efficient manner; and eliminating the hecticness of dealing with the banks’ and retail lenders’ loan processes. With McGregor Mortgage, LLC’s experience, product availability, and technology services, they are able to thoroughly break down each loan applicant from day one. Whether it’s someone with great credit and a large down payment or someone with a low credit score who needs some guidance on how to get to where he/she needs to be to buy a house, every individual is treated the same and is continually updated throughout the process that each individual case entails. If you are a first-time home buyer, someone looking to purchase your dream house, or someone looking to refinance, make sure you contact McGregor Mortgage, LLC because there are many products and options available to you that could save you a tremendous amount of money. The application and pre-approval process has no cost and no obligation, so you have nothing to lose.

McGregor Mortgage, LLC offers home mortgage solutions and is currently licensed to do business in the State of Ohio (MB.804282.000)

The Founder

McGregor Mortgage, LLC was founded by Joe McGregor because it gave him the greatest opportunity to deliver the best loan products and services to his customers and partners. Joe has been in the mortgage industry since 2003 and has had the great privilege of assisting many customers in the refinance and purchase process. He takes great pride in helping customers complete the process of buying or refinancing their dream home. Joe understands that a mortgage loan is one of the biggest commitments a person or family will ever make, which is why he treats all his customers as if they are members of his family. He is proud that the majority of his business comes from past customers’ referrals and his financial partners (i.e., realtors, financial advisors, and insurance agents).

When not working, the most important thing in Joe’s life is his wife Nicole and their three amazing boys, Brody, AJ, and Chance. He loves vacationing and spending quality time with his family.